Life and business counsellor Linx is a teacher without a name, preferring emptiness to substance. A clear beauty channel, she believes in the Highest.

Linx has been taken on enormous life journeys across the world. Always following her instinct, knowing that it will all work out, able to stand firm even in the face of a storm.

Some of her life transitions have involved confronting darkness in the form of psychopaths, narcissists and borderline personalities. These transitions has made her into a leader that can efficiently manage the power of complicated leadership types such as CEO’s, attack dogs and big horses.

Linx  is a strong leader, that inspires personal integrity and a firm purpose in her clients and people around her. She works with international best selling authors, fashion designers and international business leaders of the very highest standing, as well as regular people aiming for purposeful change.

Business leaders call her in the most difficult situations, where she is known for always finding a way.

Peaceful, poised and focused, Linx is clear-minded, determined and fearless in action. She inspires her clients to immediate insight and instant change.

She offers one-on-one private sessions, and full-day intensives and adventure journeys. Linx is a teacher name.