Clear, precise and razor sharp, Aguila works with some of the most famous music and movie superstars of our times in Los Angeles and New York, as well as American, Swedish, German, Swiss and British business leaders of the very highest international standing.

Medical doctors all over the world contact her when they have nothing more they can do for a patient, and all hope seems gone.

Compassionate but to the point, acting and speaking without sentimentality, she is known as a miracle healer as the sessions often result in complete and immediate change of even the most serious emotional, physical, or mental issues.

Unique in her self-expression, Aguila possesses an enormous personal strength and is a strong and fearless leader. Miracles, instant change and absolute transformation are the trademark signs of her work.

She offers one-on-one private sessions, full-day intensives and adventure journeys. Aguila is a teacher name.