The time has come for women of the world to wake up to their inner power and ability to create change, peace and beauty wherever they go. Every woman has within her the strength, wisdom and resources to fulfill her vision for life and claim her part in the greater whole. Now your turn has come.

The Adventure of Awakening

Many teachers in the field of personal transformation can bring you lots of useful information, wise words and knowledge. The difference with Final Force is that you get the power of awakening brought to you, live, so you can hear, smell, see and touch it. You can try it out in your real life, so to speak.

The creators of Final Force brings a combined seventy years of ever-unfolding, radical and profound experience of personal transformation, on-the-edge adventures and life-changing lessons. They have lived through a gradual but eventually absolute transformation of the limiting aspects of their respective personal lives.

There is no limit to what you can do and become with Final Force. Are you ready to expand your vision of who you could be?


The time has come for women to claim their power and start living the lives they want and deserve. In order to support this process, international celebrity healer Aguila and her co-founders created the Final Force training for women.